Since we were old enough to walk and put sentences together, all of us at DKR were directing, lighting, writing, designing costumes and making our siblings perform in our living rooms. We've been creators our entire lives. We're a little more grown up now and we've become producers, artists and filmmakers with the goal of creating content that captures the imagination, inspires social consciousness and entertains.


Our Team

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PARTNER/Creative Director

James Kubesch  - Post-Production Supervisor



Bruce Donnelly  - Senior Producer


Partner/executive Producer



Branded Content

What we make will carry your identity and we don’t mean just your logo on the screen. Each piece is produced to convey the personality, feeling and messaging of your organization or product.  

Concept to Creation/Strategy

At DKR we can design multiple ways to share your ideas whether it be social media 30 second spots, broadcast quality commercials, short films or GIF bundles. Our campaign will be customized specifically to you.  


We work with top industry animators in a variety of styles.  Whether you want a water color come-to-life, motion graphics, CGI or a combination of live footage and VFX we will work to bring it to life. 

International Production

We cut our teeth on filming abroad.  Our team has filmed on four continents in multiple languages. DKR has produced content in Cuba, Brazil, South Africa, Germany, Mexico and of course the United States with languages ranging from Spanish to Zulu.  

Synopsis/Treatment Writing

Filmmakers, we know how difficult it can be to express our ideas on paper in order to convey a story. At DKR we have years of experience in script, synopsis and treatment development.   

Production Planning/Management

Other media production companies offer only content.  But we know that sometimes messaging is only part of the equation. Whether you're planning a TED Talk, developing a commercial to launch your new line of blue-jeans or planning a major fundraising event for your non-profit, we can manage every aspect of your project. Success is in the details and we’re here to provide you with the right support.

Editorial Photography

Picture a photo of your product, places, people or events in conjunction with other types of media.  A still image can capture a message to enhance a story or campaign and emotionally engage your audience.  It can inspire, promote or entertain. 

Architectural Photography

Capturing the essence of architecture is an art all its own.  Our in-house architectural photographer has photographed homes and iconic buildings from temple ruins in Morocco to mid-century modern classic homes in Palm Springs with images featured in national and international publications.   

Aerial Photography

We offer aerial filming of the highest quality in the industry.  Our two aerial photographers are licensed and use the most technologically advanced drones and camera’s available.  

Web Design

A website is your best calling card.  Whether you need a whole new look or a splash page we’ve got your back.