ALUMBRONES reveals the work and lives of twelve contemporary Cuban artists from ages 20 to 70, living in Havana today. Visiting each person in their home and studio, the film explores their lives, philosophies and ideas present in their work, as well as the many obstacles and difficulties they face on a daily basis and the feelings each person has towards the place they call home. Through in-depth interviews, the film covers a diverse range of subjects and issues, from the post Soviet “Special Period” and constant blackouts ("apagones") to family life, love, sex and music.


DOCU-SERIES (6 Episodes)

AFRICA: UNTOLD is a documentary television series that is a portrait of the women and men across Africa, whose determination to overcome the biggest challenges of their time is having an immediate and indelible impact on their communities and countries. 



Through its candid lens, REVOLUTIONS (working title) provides a unique insight into Cuba’s advancement of LGBTQ rights through a very unlikely hero’s of a gay Cuban-American filmmaker Fermin Rojas who returns after almost 50 years to create the first gay men’s “chorus” on the island, or perhaps the entire Caribbean, Mano a Mano.  What Rojas doesn’t foresee are the  demons of emotional resentments and cultural divide that exists between Cubans and Cuban-Americans almost three generations after the revolution even as the US and Cuba resume diplomatic ties.